How is Augmend different?

Augmend vs. Alternatives Team knowledge sharing is hard. We know that people try to solve this using video (with tools like Loom), documentation and workflow capture (using tools like Scribe), or running an AI-search over what you've done (with RewindAI). But none of these fully address the problem for teams that want to communicate effectively. Any information captured without context or connection to other knowledge will still result in lost information and growing tribal knowledge. Ultimately, this means lower productivity from people trying to find answers from subject matter experts, and a more fragile team if knowledge is lost as developers move to new positions.

Shareable screen/video recording, AI-generated documentation, and team-aware AI assisted memory, should not be separate products, but a single unified product that we call Augmend. We've built it with the modern dev team as our focus.

Augmend v. Loom

Loom is good for recording and sharing when the focus is just speech or a presentation that is an isolated piece of information, disconnected from your documentation and engineering process., Sales and marketing are a good fit with Loom, making it easy to share a video pitch without a need for deep Q&A. But for anyone who deals with technical content, Augmend focuses on your knowledge capture and connection to the rest of your team knowledge. Anything you've seen/heard/shared in Augmend becomes part of a knowledge base powered by a team aware AI assistant (not an add-on ) designed to help you find exactly what you need.

Augmend is built for developers, so we've built it with a rich set of features that work well for those who work with technical content, including copy-pasting from a video , and high fidelity streams of each app you record indidivudally, no more squinting at a tiny window or blurry text.

Feature Augmend Loom et. al.
Screen recording w/ cam
Shareable links and folders/collections
Embeddable anywhere
Chat with recording (or collection of recordings)
Multi-modal search
Copy/paste from a recording
Per app streams
Auto-generated documentation
Auto-generated chapters/highlights AI add-on only
Auto-generated title and summary AI add-on only
Link reference docs with recording limited call to action links
Trim/stitch recordings trim only
Spatial comments
Action based transcript
Video analytics coming soon
Multi-player Recording coming soon

Augmend v. Scribe

Scribe is built for simple click by click capture in repetitive tasks, and if you have a basic workflow that doesn't require explanation or getting answers from later, it works well. In contrast, Augmend focuses on the complex workflows devs face, with coaching and knowledge base creation in mind instead of just creating a step by step doc.

With Augmend you can explain why you're doing something to build an intelligent knowledge base, rather than just silently recording clicks for a rote process. As you record, you can aggregate recordings into a collection, querying naturally for the info you need using a team-aware AI assistant, instead of flipping through a bunch of generated workflows.

Feature Augmend Scribe et. al.
Auto-generate docs
Shareable links to docs
Record commentary/webcam alongside
Chat with/query recording (or collection of recordings)
Link reference docs with recording
Spatial comments

Augmend v. RewindAI

Rewind is a powerful tool for single user, 24/7 recording. For a modern dev that works in teams, a tool designed to share knowledge across the team is essential. Augmend is built from the ground up for team collaboration with the ability to record both screen and explanations to create collections of knowledge within a team.

Use Rewind for your personal archives, and grab Augmend for your team's shared memory.

Feature Augmend RewindAI
Multi-modal record and search
Chat with/query recordings
24/7 Recording session-based recording only background recording only
Record commentary/webcam alongside
Team knowldge base features
Auto-generate docs